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digital marketing campaigns that don't work anymore

Five Greatest Digital Marketing Hacks That Work No More

As an online marketer, you have to keep up with the latest techniques to succeed in the digital marketing game. If you adopt the most current strategies, you’ll efficiently fulfill…

What is Crawler?

It is an automatic function of some search engines that index a page, and then visit subsequent pages that the initial page links to.

ways to get excellent copywriting skills

How to Be an Excellent Copywriter (Even If Inexperienced)

Coupled with creativity, your great writing abilities can bring you to the business world, where the demand for promotional materials increases this digital age. The good thing about this opportunity…

google analytics

How Google Analytics Changed the Marketing Landscape

It appears Google controls a big part of the business world today. Not only does it tell the relevance of each site to online queries, but it also influences the…

content marketing strategy steps wordpress

Eight-Point Steps to Streamline Content Marketing Strategy

Is your content marketing effort still not reaping success? Then, streamline it. If you’re a digital marketer, SEO expert, or a business owner hoping for an improved online selling campaign,…

What is Social Bookmarking?

The act of saving a website address for future reference.

music boosts workplace productivity

Music, Creativity, and Productivity: How Are They Related?

A product of human creativity, music is more than just a piece of annoying sound. For some, music is life, one that gets them going. And there may be psychological…

What is Anchor Text?

It is the non-URL text that is displayed in a hyperlink.  

digital marketing techniques fail analysis

6 Crystal Clear Reasons That Tell Your Digital Marketing Efforts Fall Flat

You’re running a brand with dreams of making it known to your market (and one of these days, hitting it big in the industry like today’s current big brands). You…

Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros You Should Care About

Every business has its struggle of surpassing its competitors. Thus, knowing what to do gives us the advantage of winning. Today, one of the secrets of successful brands is its…

What is Really Simple Syndication (RSS)?

Delivers content enabling readers to stay up-to-date with any blogs or sites they read without them having to visit each individual site.  

Social Media Etiquette for Business You Wish You Already Knew [Infographic]

Having a social media account doesn’t guarantee instant followers, most especially in business. Different types of consumers have distinct preferences when it comes to choosing a brand. If you have…

man thinking about competitors' marketing strategies

6 Surefire Ways to Track Your Biggest Competitors’ Marketing Strategies

The job of a marketer is limitless. It doesn’t solely focus on just marketing and advertising the brand. The job also includes monitoring competitors so they won’t be left out…

What is Vlog?

Much like a blog, but documented using video instead of written content.

social media services: to outsource or not to outsource

Outsourcing Your Social Media Services: Yay or Nay

Social media plays a vital role in business marketing plans. It allows businesses to connect with clients, generate leads, promote a brand, and attract traffic to their websites. Despite these…

social media marketer looking for social media influencers

How to Effectively Find and Engage with Social Media Influencers

These days, social media influencers have become the bread and butter of most marketing tactics in building valued relationships on social media platforms. Marketers value them because they can drive…