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using ipad for effective social media marketing

All-in-One Guide to Effective Social Media Marketing

In dumping the old way of marketing, social media emerged to boost and become an effective tool in brand campaigning. Still, the social media marketing trends are vague; however, we…

words related to viral content

Definition and Ingredients of a Viral Content

A viral content is the heart of an effective social media and content marketing campaign. It can work for you on autopilot as your brand becomes exposed to a whole…

pie chart digital marketing techniques

Delicious Tips That Add Zest to Bland Online Marketing Promos

They say, “If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Since you’re a determined digital marketer, you don’t mind the pressure and keep on cooking up campaigns…

social media users

6 Types of Social Media Users and Ways Marketers Can Use Them

Do you want to boost your campaigns on social media sites? Neil Patel, an expert online marketer, suggests you start by defining your target audience because they’re the core of…

digital marketing skills

5 Must-Have Skills to Succeed in Digital Marketing in 2017

Success in digital marketing—as with any other thing—doesn’t just happen overnight. As a business owner or a digital marketer, learning the current trends in the industry isn’t enough to boost…

guy films for video content as a digital marketing guide

Why Video Content Is Digital Marketing’s New Success-Bound Scheme

Today, people have realized the value of videos aside from being a source of entertainment. Likewise, you’ll often see clips used as a digital marketing guide. Like textual content, you…

digital marketing vs content marketing

What’s the Difference between Digital and Content Marketing?

The issue here is digital marketing vs content marketing. Before you spend your money on doubtful campaigns, find out which of these two plans best suits your business needs. Definition…

What is Pop-Up Ad?

A form of advertisement which automatically opens (or “pops up” in) a new window in a browser to display an ad.  

What is Podcast?

A series of audio or video content which can be downloaded and listened to/viewed offline.

Philippines' internet marketing service

Reasons Businesses Need Philippines’ Internet Marketing Services

Are you a business owner on a tight budget but are afraid to try internet marketing services by firms in the Philippines (PHL)? Hence, what can make you trust such…

philippines’ top digital marketing agencies: Manila

2017 Trends in the Philippines’ Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Halfway into the year, it’s not yet too late to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends. For a thriving business, here are fearless forecasts on the Philippines’ top digital…

What is Graphical Search Inventory?

Images and banner ads that are tied to particular search terms on a search engine. They are then displayed to the user after a related search term is entered.

digital marketing agency in the Philippines: workplace

Career-Enhancing Hacks for Staff of Digital Marketing Agencies

Are you working for a top digital marketing agency and having a hard time on the job? Worry no more! We delved through the Internet and brought together the views…

What is Dashboard?

Any area of administrative control for operating applications, especially social media settings, blogging software, and user profiles for websites that offer multiple customization options.

digital marketing companies in the Philippines: Philippine flag

How Digital Marketing Companies Thrive in the Philippines

The growing shift to digital practice has shaped and helped people and firms around the world. Digitalization hasn’t just eased trades among nations, but has helped firms save time and…

social media platforms: mobile phone

Three Ways Social Media Platforms Affect SEO

Despite its obvious connection with search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) also works with social media platforms in improving your online presence. Hence, if you’re SEO specialist, social media marketer,…